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About Us is the largest chatRoom Platform on Internet. provides a “Clean Chat Platform for Everyone. One aspect of the service is the fun, comfortable environment to discover and connect with new people and make new friends. #1 in the World

ChatRoomWeb is the current leader in providing free online chat rooms. We are an online chat community welcoming both old and new chatters from all over the world. #1 Chat Room Web is one of the oldest chat rooms which first started in the fall of 1999 as a simple free hosted chat site targeted for general audiences. The website domain name was registered in 1999 and has quickly grown into one of the largest chat communities on the internet today. This sort of history can rarely be matched. We have some of the most loyal users of any chat community on the Net today with thousands of users online concurrently. Most of our users are from the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, we service all English speaking regions and you are bound to bump into someone from almost every country on Earth. There are multiple categories and topics to choose from.

What makes our free chat website better than the others?

As we have come to know, the rise of social networking websites and tools are already upon us. The likes of Facebook, Snapchat, KIK and Skype have grown enormously. What makes our chat site community particularly unique is it offers instant connection with other users from around the world. Old friends and random strangers. There is no need to send a message and wait days for a reply. Connect instantly and talk in real time! For example, if you a teenager, you would most likely enjoy the teen chat, but if you are gay, then you may find yourself in our gay chat. Each of our rooms has developed into a community onto itself and it is just a matter of finding the one that suits you the most. This will get boring after a short period. Other websites have imitated and copied our community but they rarely gain traction. Our communities are bound by its loyalty and freedom of choice for public or private one on one chats covering a variety of categories and demographics. We are pretty confident you will not find a more user-friendly environment out there.

18+ Chat Rooms

We do offer rooms for users 18 and over. Be sure to check out our adult chat room for mature conversations with other adults and our sex chat for a more steamy conversation. Age requirements are strictly enforced.

There are no registration required and the use of our site is 100% free. Our community is staffed with well over 100 volunteer moderators who help to enforce chat room rules and make sure everyone feels safe using our chatroom.

Technology used

This website uses a combination of various software. Most of our desktop chat rooms use state of the art and feature-rich software. we will always use the best chat software packages available on the market today. All of our chat rooms are supported by ALL devices without any additional downloads. If you experience incompatibility issues we have alternate rooms available for use. Mobile users can simply connect from their tablets or smartphones directly without any additional downloads. Please visit the Chat Room Technical FAQ’s section of this site if you are experiencing any problems connecting. For mobile and tablet users, simply choose from our selection of online chat rooms and click the button to connect instantly.

Why join our community chat rooms?

Chat Room Web is a great way to meet new friends, flirt or date through online chat interaction. There are twenty chat rooms to choose from with a specific demographic for each user. The great thing about it is, each chat room is in itself a community. We invite adults, teens, kids, college students, gay, lesbian or straight. It simply does not matter who you are. All of our rooms are mobile responsive chat Rooms and can be used on any iPhone (iOS), iPad, or Android device.

The Chat Room Web team is committed to making your free chat experience a great one. Please add this site to your “Favorites” and visit often. Also, be sure to tell all your friends about our wonderful community. We look forward to seeing you in the chat rooms.

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